Hybrid web development: combining AngularJS with server frameworks

von Jos Vos (X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV)

Today's web applications often require advanced browser-level processing to implement a state-of-the-art user experience. More and more web applications are written as so called one-page apps and the use of front-end frameworks like Backbone, Ember.js and AngularJS is gaining more popularity. A typical one-page app exchanges only data with a server, for example using JSON and RESTful API's.

However, the powerful software suites like AngularJS can also be used for other web apps, thus combining the power of a very advanced Javascript layer with the more classical server-level frameworks. When developing this kind of hybrid applications, for every step the choice have to be made what level to use. For example, templating and URL routing can sometimes be done at both levels.

This talk will give some examples on how to combine server-level frameworks, like Flask/SQLAlchemy/Jinja2, with client-level frameworks, like AngularJS.

Über den Autor Jos Vos:

Jos Vos is owner/co-founder of X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV.
He has more than 25 years of experience in research, development and
consulting in the field of systems software, Internet and security.
UNIX has been central in his academic and professional life, he feels
privileged for never having used a Windows machine so far.

His operating system of choice since 1994 is Linux. In the Linux
community he is best known for writing ipfwadm and part of the
firewall code in the 2.0 kernel. He also was the core developer
of X/OS Linux, a freely available enterprise-class distribution
based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources.

His company X/OS acts as a knowledge partner, working together with
clients on projects that require in-depth knowledge of UNIX and Open
Source. Consulting work deals primarily with IT architectures,
advanced system administration topics and integration issues. It is
often combined with custom software development to implement a
tailor-made solution for the client, from glue code to complete

In addition to sharing knowledge, X/OS offers open, standards-based
solutions built on top of Linux and Open Source software. Products
include customizable firewall/VPN appliances, point-of-sale terminals,
high-availability clusters and Linux support services.