EPFL: Building web tools fast

von Gunter Bach (solute GmbH)

EPFL (EPFL Python Frontend Logic) - is a framework for building web based tools fast and maintainable. It focuses on the creation of very flexible user-frontends by using pre build components like table, tree and form. It excels in creating desktop-like web applications. With few building blocks (Components and Pages) and the idea of using as little as possible "black magic" it can create robust, maintainable and flexible apps. It is written in Python, is an extension to Pyramid, brings event driven programming with server side state to the web. Therefore no client side programming is needed (javascript).

Making the creating and maintenance of business web applications fun again! In this talk I will present the ideas of the framework, a live demonstration and talk about some design decisions and compare it to other types of frameworks (classical template-based systems and single-page-js).

EPFL is at a very early stage of development but already used for internal web applications at "billiger.de" and actively supported by solute GmbH. Contributors wanted!

Über den Autor Gunter Bach:

Gunter Bach befasst sich schon seit ber dreiig Jahren mit Programmierprojekten, grndete 1999 ein eigenes Unternehmen und arbeitet seit 2010 als Entwicklungsleiter, gegenwrtig bei der solute GmbH. Sein Schwerpunkt sind Webtechnologien. Er lebt mit Frau und drei Kindern in Karlsruhe.