Bring your Project from a 10 Years to a 3 Months Release Cycle

von Stefan Schmidt (Samsung Open Source Group)

This talk will explore which changes have been made to bring a project from no releases for many years to a 3 month time based release schedule.

Based on the experience with the Enlightenment Open Source project various changes to the developer work-flow, tooling and mindset will be shown and evaluated for their usefulness to make quality releases on a higher frequency.

Topics will range from Continuous Integration over Source Code Management, QA reports and tools, release schedules to release management. Next to the mere technical challenges this talk will also touch the social changes that come along with it. How to change stuck mindsets and how to bring doubter on board.

Über den Autor Stefan Schmidt:

After his computer science studies and various years as freelance software developer Stefan Schmidt is now working in the Open Source Group of Samsung Electronics to work upstream on FOSS projects.

He started his FOSS developments almost 10 years ago in the space of embedded Linux. He works in this area ever since. During this time he was involved in many FOSS projects as developer, mainatainer, release manager, etc. He contributed to OpenEZX, OpenMoko, Linux Kernel, dfu-util, Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and others just to name a few.