Quo vadis, Samba? - The road to Hyper-V...

von Michael Adam (SerNet)

Version 3 of the SMB file protocol was introduced with Microsoft Server 2012
and adds a whole set of exciting new features to windows file serving especially
targeted towards clustering and running server services like Hyper-V off SMB shares.

With the release of Samba 4.0, Samba has not only introduced the
Active Directory server role but als added first support for SMB3 to
the file server. The Samba developers have not fully implemented
any of these advanced features yet, but designs and plans are
available and the development has been started.

This talk explains SMB3 and in particular the clustering additions,
outlines the current state of SMB 3 in Samba 4.1, and then describes
the designs and the roadmap towards fully supporting SMB 3
and thereby Hyper-V in Samba. Finally the possible placement of
Samba as storage backend in the Cloud-technology of OpenStack is

Über den Autor Michael Adam:

Michael Adam has studied mathematics and computer science. As a software engineer and consultant, he leads the Samba Team at SerNet GmbH in Gttingen. As a member of the international Samba Team, Michael is currently one of the main contributors to Samba. He focusses on clustered Samba and support for SMB 3 and was significantly involved in the release of Samba 4.0.