MARS Light: Replicating Block Devices over Long Distances

von Thomas Schbel-Theuer (1&1 Internet AG)

MARS Light is a Linux kernel-based solution for block device replication over long distances, even over continents.

1&1 has developed it for replication of whole datacenters, comprising thousands of servers. It tolerates network bottlenecks and flaky network connections much better than DRBD. Although its sysadmin interface is similar to DRBD, its internal working principle is very different: it uses transaction logging similar to some database systems.

This talk explains the use cases MARS versus DRBD in an enterprise environment, and shows you what you need to get a working long-distance replication.

Über den Autor Thomas Schbel-Theuer:

Thomas Schebel-Theuer was an operating systems researcher at the University of Stuttgart, substitute professor at the University of Applied Sciences Bingen (Operating Systems + Databases), and is now Linux kernel expert at 1&1 Internet AG.

Linux kernel expertise: implementor of the dcache around 1995/1996. Currently working on long-distance storage replication (MARS project).