State of the Intel Kernel Graphics Driver

von Daniel Vetter (Intel Open Source Technology Center)

A lot has happened around the Intel kernel graphics driver in the past year, as usual. This talk will highlight some of the new features developed like proper per-process address spaces, improved gpu turbo control logic or tons of fancy new output modes like 4k or 3D. The talk will also cover some of the changes and resulting challenges due to new platforms like Baytrail and Broadwell, providing a bit of a glimpse into the future.

Finally a big topic in the past year for the Intel kernel driver was to improve the overall quality of the driver and avoid the dreaded number one slot on the kernel regression lists. This talk will also discuss a few of the process changes, techniques for userspace based tests and in-kernel self-checks, all parts of this effort.

Über den Autor Daniel Vetter:

Daniel Vetter has been an avid user of Linux since more than ten years. But only a few years ago he switched from lurker to contributor when the graphics stack rewrite broke his old laptop and all the developers were busy fixing newer machines. From then on it went all downhill and since 2011 he's enjoying the fun and frustration of working on the Linux graphics driver stack professionally at Intel's OTC. Since 2012 he is also the kernel maintainer of the Intel graphics driver.