OpenMandriva on ARM as a part of Automated Build Farm Cluster

von Alexander Khryukin (OpenMandriva Association)

OpenMandriva 2014.1/Cooker release for ARM-powered devices based on a Freescale processors. About six months ago we finished a big task with porting OpenMandriva to architecture not related to x86 it is an armv7-a with hard float support and we connected it to our build cluster ( as a build node, just like a little part of a big unit.

We want to share our experience about using LinuxContainers on ARM boards based on OpenMandriva as part of build cluster for, show few examples of using OMV in production mode and for engineer/developer purposes.

And last point is Linux Containers (LXC) on ARM board with OpenMandriva.
Create own personal native ARM sandbox in 20 seconds with OpenMandriva 2014.1
Linux Containers on ARM allow to run a dozens of containers in parallel mode for
development purposes, building packages and distro testing.

Über den Autor Alexander Khryukin:

Alexander A Krhyukin is the lead developer of the OpenMandriva ARM port, an embedded engineer, and linux enthusiast. He is a member of the OpenMandriva Association and Technical Commitee of GNU/Linux distribution named OpenMandriva. He is lead developer of OpenMandriva ARM project and distro maintainer. Alexander has knowledge in armv7 hardfloat, armv7 softfloat, deep knowledge of distro crossbuilding, Linux Containers (LXC), and in the aarch64 architecture.

Alexander has extensive experience in porting Linux and other GNU stuff to embedded plaforms like mips/arm/arm64 for 6 years, participation in many projects like openwrt, cyanogenmod, yocto, hacking motorola bootloaders, deep knowledge in porting linux-based distros to new architectures. Besides that he is an ARM embedded engineer, Open Source enthusiast, and Android hacker.

He has worked with every aspect of free software where his fields of experience included system administration, development, porting software to new architectures, hacking different android-based devices.