Software-Defined Networking for OpenStack using Open Source Plugins and VMware NSX

von Yves Fauser (VMware)

In this session we will give an introduction of the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) project.
We will cover the basic concepts of OpenStack Networking, and then drill into more details around the existing Open Source implementations, and the commercial alternatives like VMware NSX.
We will also look into the Neutron Architecture, and discuss monolithic Plugins vs. the Modular Plugin (ML2) that recently came out with the OpenStack Havana release.
We will wrap up this session with a Q&A and general discussion.

Über den Autor Yves Fauser:

Yves Fauser is a Systems Engineer in VMware's Network and Security Business Unit. In this position he works closely with customers both in the OpenStack and in the VMware virtualization space on integrating the networking products into their environments. Prior to this he worked in the networking industry for 14+ years in various consulting and engineering positions.