Bare Metal provisioning in OpenStack

von Devananda van der Veen (HP)

Would you be excited to have a single API and single pipeline for deploying applications on both physical and virtual machines, regardless of the hardware vendor or CPU architecture? This is what we are aiming for in the OpenStack Ironic project.

The Ironic project evolved from joint work by NTT-Docomo, USC/ISI,, and HP over the last two years. The original goal was to enable OpenStack to deliver high-performance-computing workloads, eg. where the performance overhead of a hypervisor is undesirable. Another goal -- and the driving force behind HP's involvement -- has been the promise of using OpenStack to deploy OpenStack itself, a project known as TripleO. Lastly, my own motivation is to provide the open source community with a common abstraction layer for vendor-neutral hardware provisioning.

I will briefly cover Ironic's architecture, talk about the latest (Icehouse) release and current project plans, and show a brief demonstration of OpenStack Compute (Nova) deploying a simple workload using Ironic instead of the traditional libvirt or xen hypervisors.

Über den Autor Devananda van der Veen:

Devananda is currently leading the development of the OpenStack Bare Metal Provisioning (Ironic) project and helping to drive the TripleO (OpenStack-on-OpenStack) project. Before joining HP Cloud Services and diving into OpenStack, he was a MySQL scalability and performance consultant with Percona.