OpenNebula, the foreman and CentOS play nice, too

von Nils Domrose (inovex GmbH)

Deploying and maintaining a full-blown OpenStack Cluster requires a lot of resources. In turn OpenNebula offers a quite lightweight and very manageable cloud platform which still provides you with the key features without the burden of high complexity. This talk is about freedom of choice and we will provide you with recipes to bootstrap a complete OpenNebula stack on CentOS using the foreman. We will show how to setup your Foreman infrastructure, talk about pulp to manage your repositories and setup the puppet configuration management in order to conveniently deploy your new OpenNebula platform. We will provide you with tipps and tricks how to operate your infrastructure and how to utilise the foreman to install OpenNebula vms. The foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. As part of RDO, foreman is also a key component to bootstrap OpenStack infrastructure.

Über den Autor Nils Domrose:

Nils works for inovex GmbH as a senior systems engineer linux and designs, optimises and deploys highly scalable, automated linux environments for customers. He contributed foreman LDAP filter and FreeBSD support. During the last 15 years Nils worked as a systems engineer and software developer for various ISP and Telco companies and designed and deployed several large scale, multi national services. He is a diver and world citizen.