NSA? No thanks. Build your own Cloud with OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

von Julian Fischer (anynines), Julian Weber (Anynines)

Nowadays no week goes by without new revelations about privacy breaches. How can we escape from NSA’s all-seeing eye? Where avoiding US cloud providers would be the obvious answer, you don’t want to sacrifice the productivity benefits you get from the cloud. Luckily there’s no need for that! Learn how to build a separate Amazon EC2, S3 and Heroku with Open Source software and get familiar with the basics of the free infrastructure software OpenStack and the Cloud Foundry platform framework.

Über den Autor Julian Fischer:

Julian Fischer is head of anynines and CEO of Avarteq GmbH. His main focus is developing scalable and distributed hosting architectures for web applications. He is a Cloud Foundry enthusiast, Rubyists and occasional dancer.

Über den Autor Julian Weber:

Julian Weber is a one man workforce. From architecture, coding, infrastructure to writing and giving talks. He's a maker.