Ganeti - Private Cloud as Google does it

von Helga Velroyen (Google)

Ganeti is a management software for clusters of virtual machines based on Xen, KVM or LXC. It is an open source project funded by Google which has been around 6 years now. It has grown to the size of ~60,000 lines of Python and ~6,000 lines of Haskell code. Besides being used in Google’s internal infrastructure, the project has a lively open source community. Among our biggest users and contributors are OSUOSL and GRNet.

In our talk, we will present Ganeti’s architecture and subcomponents, as well as interfaces to the utilized open source components. We give examples of how to use and customize Ganeti to build a virtualized cluster.

We conclude with some overview on how we use Ganeti inside Google. For those who have been following our development for a while already, we will give updates about the recently developed and upcoming features.

Über den Autor Helga Velroyen:

I’m a Google software Engineer since 2011, and a member of the Ganeti core team since 2012. Inside Ganeti I implemented a better network support, enhancements of storage handling and selected security features. Before Google I worked at a biotech company bringing medical analysis robots to life.