BERNIE (Basic Educational Resources Needed for Innovative Education)

von Tony Anderson ()

Deployments of One Laptop per Child are frequently to sites which have no access to the internet. BERNIE (Basic Educational Ressources Needed for Innovative Education) is an external 1TB hard drive which contains the software and content necessary to set up an olpc deployment.

The workshop will focus on the capabilities of the olpc laptop when interacting with a schoolserver which contains this content. A specific goal of the workshop is to acquaint members of the open source community with the opportunity to assist in meeting the needs of this community. Participants will explore what is already available and see the areas where more content and software help is needed. Most of the capabilities of the schoolserver can be accessed from conventional laptops with browsers (tested with Firefox and Chrome). Some capabilities require an OLPC XO laptop - there will be samples available to try.

Über den Autor Tony Anderson:

Retired computer professional. Active in support of One Laptop per Child. Currently supporting deployment at one school in Rwanda and two schools in Lesotho.