Community Leadership Summit

von Ben van 't Ende (CLS Europe)

This mini Community Leadership Summit offers opportunities for attendees, particularly those who are looking to grow, energize and inspire a community as part of their organization, project or department. Being the first event of its kind in Europe, it offers an excellent opportunity for practitioners of community management, organization and leadership to come together and meet other community leaders, to share knowledge and experience and help find patterns in this complex and often mis-understood science.

A diverse set of topics will be on the agenda including diversity, innovation and governance. It is an excellent opportunity to socialize and build lasting relationships with other members of the field and just have a lot of fun! We are already aware of a diverse range of participants joining us and we encourage people from different fields, backgrounds and experience to join us for this mini-CLS.

If you are a community manager, a project lead or plan to become one, join this track that is conducted in a bar camp style.

Über den Autor Ben van 't Ende:

Ben van 't Ende is a community manager, consultant, yoga-fan, musician, husband and father. He currently works as TYPO3 Community Manager, leading the TYPO3 community to grow, connect and communicate, reducing bottlenecks, inspiring to share and encouraging people to join and participate.