A USB key to secure your digital life - Crypto Stick

von Jan Suhr (Crypto Stick)

The Crypto Stick is an USB key with integrated smart card to enable highly secure encryption of e-mails and data, for authentication in the Internet and for access control. Other than ordinary software solutions, the secret keys are always stored securely inside the Crypto Stick. Their extraction is impossible which makes the Crypto Stick immune to computer viruses and Trojan horses. The user-chosen PIN and the tamper-proof design protect in case of loss and theft. The hardware and software are both available as Open Source to allow verifying the security and integrating with own applications.

The Crypto Stick enables:
* User authentication in the Internet (e.g. Google, Facebook, Dropbox, AWS)
* E-mail encryption based on X.509/SMIME and OpenPGP (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution)
* Encryption of data stored on separate storage (e.g. TrueCrypt)
* User authentication on local computers (e.g. Windows, Linux)
* User authentication for network services (e.g. Firefox, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, IPSec, OpenID)

Über den Autor Jan Suhr:

* Grnder des Crypto Stick Projekts
* Vorstandsvorsitzender der German Privacy Foundation e.V.
* Unternehmensberater mit Schwerpunkt IT Sicherheit
* Internationale Berufserfahrung, diverse Branchen
* Diplom Informatiker