Easy-to-use secure accessible email encryption for everyone: kinko

von Michael Prinzinger (https://kinko.me)

kinko is an easy-to-use secure accessible pgp-proxy encrypting and decrypting emails for you. easy-to-use: kinko takes email encryption out of the email client, making encryption an automatic process secure: kinko uses trusted open source encryption (e.g. gnupg), and sensistive data (e.g. private keys) rests at your home in your control accessible: once kinko has been set up, kinko can be used with any computer (smart phone, laptop, mac) and from anywhere over the Internet kinko is based on trusted and proven open source tools like: gnupg, openssl, ssh, dovecot, offlineIMAP, etc. kinko is designed to run on a single board computer (e.g. raspberry pi)
kinko is open source and will be released under a free licence. kinko will allow every person no matter their skills in computers to start encrypting emails.

Über den Autor Michael Prinzinger:

Michael took part in the German academic roller coaster until being kicked out with a diploma in computer science and a lot of knowledge about the Japanese culture, for whatever reason he can't remember. He then decided to look abroad and paid longer visits working in Japan and New Zealand. Upon returning he moved to legendary Berlin and got caught in its charme since. At the end of last year he was fed up working in employment and instead started with friends the kinko projekt (https://kinko.me). By that he hopes to finally give the world easy access to secure and accesssible e-mail encryption.