MySQL high-availability with Galera Cluster

von Oli Sennhauser (FromDual GmbH)

Many MySQL users are running their database in business critical areas. This requires high-availability and ideally 24/7 up-time because more and more end-customers are located around the world. With traditional MySQL HA solution this requirements are partially achievable. But the solutions are not as comfortable as one could expect.

Luckily since a few years there is a new Open Source solution in the market: Galera Cluster for MySQL. This solution provides synchronous multi-master replication on several nodes where you can write to any node without considering if it is a Master or a Slave. A rolling cluster restart allows upgrades of the system during full operations.

In this presentation we have a rough look how Galera Cluster for MySQL is set-up, configured and operated. If there is enough time we will see a live demo.

Über den Autor Oli Sennhauser:

Oli Sennhauser is MySQL database consultant at FromDual. Since 1994 he messes around with databases. In 2000 he became Oracle consultant at Trivadis, in 2006 MySQL consultant at MySQL AB. At the moment he is working at the neutral and vendor independent MySQL consulting company FromDual GmbH with topics like MySQL architectures, High Availability, Performance Tuning and Operations of MySQL, Galera Cluster for MySQL, Percona Server and MariaDB.