Account Management

An account and a password are required to work with the conference center. If you already have an account (e. g. from a former LinuxTag), you can log directly into the Conference Center. Otherwise obtain a new account using the form below. All transmitted information is protected, see security for details. Once logged into the Conference Center you can edit your data with the password we will send you via email.

New accounts

To submit your paper, please obtain an account to handle your submission. Accounts for program committee members, LinuxTag helper and core-team members can also be obtained here:

User name: 
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Once you submit your request we will send an initial password to your email address immediately. Please change it after you log in the first time. The address will be used for verification purposes only and will not be passed on to any other party.

All accounts not for paper submission (program commitee, staff and core-team) send email to to get access to your area.

Forgotten passwords

If you forget your password, we can send a new one to your previously stored email address. Please enter your previously registered account data:

As it is part of our security policy, we do not store clear text passwords you entered but only an MD5 generated hash key of it. Therefore we have to create a new password for you and send it via email. We check if user name and email addres match for plausibilty. If you can't remember this information, send a really good explanation to and hope for the best ;)
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